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Giving Back to the Community

Your Safety is our Priority

Fire Prevention Demonstration 

Each year Killington Fire and Rescue is tasked with going to the elementary school to teach the students about the importance of fire prevention in the home. 

Fire Scene Investigation

Forth of July Celebration

It’s incredibly important for people to be aware of the latest technologies designed to keep them safe from fires and other emergency hazards. This program takes that to heart, with instruction and training by some of our finest first responders. Join us in learning how to help prevent and respond to emergency situations.

Fire Hoses

Station Open House

The Killington Fire and Rescue team is deeply invested in the emergency education of youth and the continuing preparation of adults. This public educational service is designed to teach residents the kinds of activities they can engage in and what they should stop doing in order to protect themselves, their families, and their properties from fires and other emergency situations.

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